Screen Stills and Story Narrative, Page 4


The Ed Harris and Amy Madigan Production of:
A Charles Haid Film
Warning:  These pages contain plot spoilers.
Lassiter frees Bern and tells him to return to Bess. He then goes to Jane -- hand in hand they ride out to find Bern and Bess. Bern is reunited with Bess, who tells him that she loves him.  Lassiter has told Jane that for thirteen years he has been on the trail of the preacher who ruined his sister, and that the evil men who were acting on his orders are the only ones he has ever killed. The leader of those men turns out to be Dyer. Jane finally is able to tell Lassiter the secret she has not been able to tell him previously --  that it was Millie who killed her father after he tried to force her to be his wife. She shot him and then in grief, took her own life.
Lassiter and Jane find Bern. When Jane sees Bess she realizes that she is Millie’s daughter and shows her a picture of her mother. Lassiter is overjoyed that he has found his long lost niece. He gives her a hug and says that he is her Uncle Jim. Their joyous reunion is short lived. They know Tull will not give up and is bound to be on their trail. Bern and Bess take Jane and Lassiter’s horses, knowing that from a distance Tull will recognize the horses before he recognizes them. Bern and Bess hope to lead them astray so Jane and Lassiter can escape.
It isn’t long before Tull and more riders show up. The ruse works and they follow Bern and Bess. The evil riders turn away and Bern and Bess ride off to start their life together. Bess has learned that it was Bern who killed Oldring who was her father and the leader of the band of cattle rustlers, but in the end she understands and forgives him.
Lassiter leads Jane away to the cliff dwelling, hoping that Tull won’t find them there; however he is relentless and clearly fanatical -- even to the point of being mad -- and tracks them down. He scrambles up the cliff face screaming “Jane!” all the while.
Lassiter knows they must keep climbing to escape Tull. He realizes that Tull is still scrambling up the rocks to catch them. Lassiter knows that the only thing that will save them is if he can succeed in rolling the large stone. If he can manage to topple it, the stone will block the entrance to their cave. He tells Jane that if he does it, they will be trapped there for all time. She helps him push it over. It topples and blocks the entrance to their hideout, sending a cascade of boulders down the slot opening to their cave. Tull is caught in the avalanche and is crushed to death.
After the death of Tull, Lassiter and Jane no longer need to run or hide, and they face the future together. (It is implied that they are able to find a way out of the cliffs and that they are not trapped there for all time.)
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