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The Ed Harris and Amy Madigan Production of:
A Charles Haid Film
During a dramatic lightning storm, Pastor Dyer shows up at Jane’s home with more threats, but he is confronted by Lassiter. Shots are fired and Lassiter ends up saving Jane’s life. He continues to show  his deep affection for her as she is overcome with the stress of her situation. Dyer is only wounded during the shooting and rides off.
The next morning Jane discovers that her prized horses are all gone and that her beloved friend and rider, Judkins, has been hung in her barn. She vows to continue to fight for what is hers, and does not back down -- in fact, she is more determined than ever to beat Dyer and Tull at their game.
Lassiter discovers the cliff dwelling where Bern and Bess are hiding out. He comes across a large pillar rock and tries to roll it, saying that rolling stones is one of his favorite things to do. While heading out for supplies, Bern runs across Tull and a group of gunmen. They accuse him of murder, stealing Jane’s horses and betraying her, and bring him in for his crimes. The judge, jury and hangman in the town are all in the form of one man -- Pastor Dyer, and it’s clear that there will not be a fair trial.
Lassiter finds Jane putting Judkins to rest. She is nearly a broken woman at this point and tells Lassiter that she is going to give the men of her church what they want. She is going to go tell them that she will marry Tull. He begs her to reconsider and informs her that they have Bern in custody. He is being held on charges of cattle rustling, horse theft and murder,  and is going to be hung.
Lassiter arrives at the church where Bern is being held captive. He shoots the men holding him, killing almost all of them except the cowardly Tull who uses Bern as a human shield and escapes. As Pastor Dyer sits slumped over and dying, and with most of his men already dead, Lassiter makes sure he knows that he has lost his power struggle with Jane and that he is going to put an end to their reign of terror once and for all.
Warning:  These pages contain plot spoilers.
“The habit of years is strong as life itself” -- Lassiter
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Riders of the Purple Sage