Screen Stills and Story Narrative, Page 2


The Ed Harris and Amy Madigan Production of:
A Charles Haid Film
While Bern is riding out on the sage, he runs across the rustlers. He shoots at several of them, only to find a masked rider is still alive -- and it’s a young woman. He takes her to a safe place in the cliffs where the Indians used to live and nurses her back to health.
Jane confronts Pastor Dyer, knowing he is behind the rustling. He denies all wrong-doing and even accuses Judkins and Bern of betraying her. He also continues to threaten her telling her that she is not behaving as a member of their church should. Jane realizes everyone in her life that she knows and cares about is in danger. Lassiter already knows in his heart that he cares for her deeply and silently vows to protect her against the evil men.
Even though Judkins is still recovering from his wounds, he rides out to help Lassiter guard the cattle along with Jane who introduces the two men. Judkins tells Lassiter that he holds no ill-will towards him even though he knows that he has the reputation of a notorious gunman. He is grateful that Jane has him as a protector.
Deacon Tull rides out to see Jane. He threatens her and says that soon he will be the only one left alive and that there will be no one left to protect her. He makes it clear he is determined to marry her to inherit her land and cattle. He clearly does not love or respect her -- he simply wants the wealth that her holdings will bring him.
Bess is recovering, even though she suffers from bad dreams. Bern knows there is a connection between her and Oldring, the leader of the rustlers that he killed, but she won’t say what it is. Bern isn’t sure at first that Oldring isn’t her husband, even though she is significantly younger than him. They become close and realize they are falling in love.
Jane had asked Lassiter previously if he wouldn’t come in and see her sometimes so she could try to convince him that not all of the people of her church were bad. He shows up for dinner, but it is a silent and awkward affair.  Later, as they walk together outside, Lassiter passionately kisses her. She pulls away from him, confused by her growing affection for him.
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Riders of the Purple Sage