Cast and Credits

Main Characters in the Story

Starring: Ed Harris as Lassiter & Amy Madigan as Jane Withersteen Additional Cast (partial list): Tom Bower Judkins G. S. Spradling: Pastor Dyer Henry Thomas: Bern Venters Robin  Tunney: Bess Erne Norbert Weisser: Decon Tull Lassiter - Is a gunman who roams from town to town searching for the man who caused his sister to commit suicide. He has been on her trail for thirteen years. He comes to the aid of Jane Withersteen when he sees her and a young man being harassed by a group of men belonging to a religious sect. Jane Withersteen - Is a spinster land and cattle heiress who is being pressured by a group of local men who all belong to the same religious sect, into marrying the leader of their group -- a man by the name of Decon Tull. She gains the trust of Lassiter who starts to ride the range for her, and they later become lovers.   Judkins Is a faithful rider who works for Jane. He tries to protect her from the members of the religious sect, but ends up being hung by them as they close in on Jane and increase their harassment of her. Jane discovers his body in her barn.         Pastor Dyer - Is the religious leader in town. He directs the actions of the men, and is known to humiliate and admonish Jane Withersteen from the pulpit, telling her that she is not behaving as a woman should by being so independent, and by not marrying Tull. He threatens her with eternal damnation unless she marries Tull. Bern Venters - A young man who works as a ranch hand for Jane. She tries to protect him from the men in the religious sect. He rides out to the sage on a mission from Jane and crosses with the rustlers.          Bess Erne -- A masked rider who has teamed up with a bunch of rustlers. When she is shot and left behind out in the scrub, Bern comes to her rescue. He is surprised to find a young woman behind the mask. Bess and Bern become good friends. It is later revealed that Bess is the daughter of Lassiter’s lost sister. Deacon Tull - Is the leader of a group of men who see women as property. He is out to marry Jane Withersteen even though he does not love her, so he can obtain control of her vast holdings of land and cattle. Tull and his men will do whatever is necessary to get what they want, including murder. 

Film Credits (Partial List)

Executive Producers: Ed Harris Amy Madigan David A. Rosemont Teleplay by: Gill Dennis Based on the novel by: Zane Grey Directed by: Charles Haid Producer: Thomas Kane Director of Photography: William Wages, A.S.C. Production Design by: Michael Baugh Edited by: David Holden Music Composed by: Arthur Kemel Casting by: Susan Bluestein Associate Producer: Stella Theodoulou Unit Production Manager: Thomas Kane First Assistant Director: Craig West Second Assistant Director: Dirk Craft Costume Designer: Durinda Wood Costume Supervisor: Bill Edwards Costumer: Amy Roberts Set Decorator: Bill Vail Head Wrangler: Rusty Hendrickson Horse Wrangler: Jesse Shephard Wranglers: Don Holyoak Joe Taylor Casting Associate: Stacey Planko Key Make-Up Artist: Richard Arias
The Ed Harris and Amy Madigan Production of:
Tom Bower as Judkins G.D. Spradling as Pastor Dyer Henry Thomas as Bern Venters Robin Tunney as Bess Erne Norbert Weisser as Deacon Tull
A Charles Haid Film
Riders of the Purple Sage