Behind the Scenes


The Ed Harris and Amy Madigan Production of:
Tom Bower as Judkins Tom had this to say about his experience on the film: “We traveled an hour and a half each way, every day for  the perfect location outside of Moab, Utah. Three hours a day travel for the sake of authenticity. It was the beginning stages of Henry Thomas' career as an adult actor, and very early on in the career of Robin Tunney.  Also, the late great G.D. Spradlin, was in the movie. Ed's always been a great horseman, as proven again in Appaloosa. Amy, who was a very good horsewoman, worked hard to be be extraordinary in the saddle. Being in the movie was a special privilege for me as my Grandfather had brought me up on Zane Grey novels.” .
Norbert Weisser as Deacon Tull Norbert said his experience was a dream come true. “As a kid back in Germany in the afternoon once we got out of school my buddies and I would strap on our home made gun belts put on Daddy’s old hat. We would take off to play cowboys and Indians in a part of the forest that we called Texas where we replayed John Wayne and Allen Ladd movies. Needless to say that when I ended up playing Tull in “Riders of the Purple Sage” a childhood dream had come true. It was a blast. The final movie itself was the icing on top. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had making movies, thanks to everyone involved.”
Behind the Scenes Photos:
Director Charles Haid Amy Madigan Ed Harris and three year old daughter
Church location Crew Crew Ranch Location
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All photos contributed by Norbert Weisser
A Charles Haid Film
Riders of the Purple Sage