Riders of the Purple Sage 

1996 Made-for-TV-Movie

Riders of the Purple Sage is an Ed Harris and Amy Madigan production that was released in 1996.  It stars Ed Harris as the notorious gunman Lassiter and Amy Madigan as heiress Jane Withersteen.  This film features Tom Bower, G.D. Spradlin, Henry Thomas, Robin Tunney and Norbert Weisser. It is based on the popular 1912 Zane Grey novel, and is a modern remake of the 1918, 1925, 1931 and 1941 versions of this film.

From Producer and Actor, Ed Harris:

“Filming Zane Grey’s Classic western, Riders of the Purple Sage was an honor and a privilege and a helluva lot of fun.  Our good friend, Gil Dennis (may he rest in peace) did a marvelous job of condensing Grey’s sprawling tale into a two hour screenplay.  Filmed impeccably by Bill Wages in the beautiful Canyon- lands country outside Moab, Utah under the direction of Charlie Haid, with our three year old daughter in tow, my wife, Amy Madigan, and I gave it our all portraying the iconic Jane Withersteen and Lassiter, accompanied by a great cast and a hard working crew.  Hard to believe it was 20 years ago.” -- Ed Harris
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Filming Location: Dugout Ranch, Moab, Utah
The Ed Harris and Amy Madigan Production of:
A Charles Haid Film
“The opportunity to participate in the creation of Riders of the Purple Sage was a dream come true for me and I treasure it as one of the highlights of my directing career. Our goal, spirited by the talent and dedication of artists on both sides of the camera was to remain true to the words of Zane Grey, who I had devoured as a boy, and more, to capture the very spirit of the West. To film in the beauty of Utah in the shadows of filmmakers gone before us and to capture it's savage beauty was a challenge we relished each and every day. We share it with gratitude and love and hope that our work will bring joy to generations to come. I especially thank Ed and Amy for including me and my collaborator brother William Wages who's vision and care are responsible for so much of my work.” --  Charles Haid
From Director Charles Haid:
Riders of the Purple Sage
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